What Do You Cook When You’re Cooking For One?

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Fending for yourself. Raiding the fridge. Foraging. For some people, these are terms thrown around when their significant other is out of town; for others, these words signify more of a daily routine.

Just last week,the The Denver Post’s Tucker Shaw published a piece on Eating Alone. In it, Tucker explores the conundrum of dining out alone and why people often feel uncomfortable. The flip-side of discomfort, however, is the pleasure of getting to order whatever you want from the menu and truly following your own personal instincts and desires rather than taking your dining partner’s wishes into account.

Considering this, we began to think about what you cook for yourself when it’s just you at the table. While eating out alone can be difficult for some folks, eating at home really shouldn’t have to be. But everyone approaches it differently. Do you ever prepare more elaborate dishes to treat yourself or do you prefer to throw together something simple to save a truly involved meal for when you’re sitting around the table with others?

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