What Do I Do with Seven Pounds of Butter?

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Q: Due to a grocery delivery service error, I find myself the happy owner of seven pounds of salted butter (free!). I understand that excess butter can be frozen, but I’m curious if there are any delicious, butter-rich recipes I can try for the fun of it. When am I ever going to have this much free butter again, right?

I’m an amateur cook who enjoys trying new foods and cooking techniques. Any suggestions?

Sent by Joanna Rose

Editor: Well, congratulations! You definitely hit the butter jackpot — and just in time for the holidays. Since you’re new to the kitchen and ready to jump in and learn new recipes and techniques, our Baking School program sounds like it’s right up your alley. It’s 20 days of lessons, recipes, homework, and tips that will teach you the basics of baking. You can follow the program as it’s written or dip in and out of lessons that appeal to you. You’ll learn new things and use up that butter in a flash.

In the meantime, since you’re storing that butter in the freezer, it’s easy to forget to pull out to defrost. Check our our tips for softening butter if that ever happens.

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