What Do I Do with Leftover Roasted, Seasoned Seaweed?

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Q: I have a bunch of leftover Gim-Gui (Korean roasted seaweed) that I was wondering what to do with. I crumbled a bunch of it into a kimchi fried rice dish I made the other day, but was wondering about other applications for the (now slightly less crunchy) remainder.

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Editor: I happened to be with a good friend of mine who is a chef when I was taking a look at this question, and asked him what his take was on using up roasted seaweed sheets. His advice: Use it any way you would anchovies or bacon to add umami and depth. That opens up a wide world of opportunities — including sprinkling it on pizza and pasta; folding it into eggs; or adding it to the broth of a soup for further enrichment, much the same way you’d use kombu. You could even make a vegetarian furikake to sprinkle over popcorn.

To add some of the original texture back to the seaweed, add it to the oven at the lowest temperature and heat until crisp. You’ll want to watch this pretty closely so it doesn’t burn.

Kitchn readers, how do you use up your leftover dried seaweed? We’re all ears.