Bizarre Problem: Colored Honey in France Is Linked to M&M Factory

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Honeybees produce honey indicative of their surroundings. In fact, people often pay a great deal of money for specific tastes and colors. But in France, this phenomenon is causing a problem thanks to a popular candy-coated sweet. Anyone for green honey? No? How about about blue?

The Mars factory in Strasbourg, France is wreaking havoc on local honey production. It turns out the used candy coating containers are a bee magnet and the result is hued honey, specifically greens and blues instead of the traditional golden colors. Although it’s slightly amusing, for local producers it’s been a rough go.

They’ve seen a dramatic drop in sales because colored honey is currently a hard sell. Local honey producers have met with Mars to put a few countermeasures in places. They now cover all their discarded waste in hopes that will make the local bees a little less drunk on the sweet stuff and instead send them back to flowers where they belong.

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(Image: Yahoo News)