What Dish Can You Not Stop Making this Summer?

(Image credit: Sara Kate Gillingham)

We tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to cooking. Find a new recipe that we love and make it until we (or others in our household) cry uncle. That’s especially true in the summer, the only time certain ingredients (tomatoes, corn, peaches) are fresh and flavorful. Past obsessions have included a version of this no-cook tomato sauce, a lemon and Old Bay-seasoned grilled chicken, and this recipe for Squash and Onions with Brown Sugar. What are you making over and over and over?

With the news that tomatoes may be ruined for the rest of the summer, we’re more than mildly obsessed with eating them every day right now. Lately it’s been BLTs and sliced tomatoes with a yogurt-sour cream-cucumber dressing on top.

Another reason we tend to hit replay on a certain dish is that we buy the ingredients, which we often don’t use up, and then we keep making a dish because we have the staples on hand. That’s the case with ice cream. Once we buy a block of cream cheese (which we use for Jeni Britton’s eggless method) and heavy cream or half and half, we figure, “What the heck? We’ve got the ingredients.”

So what are you happily stuck on this summer? Give us some ideas.

By the way, the recipe pictured above is this Perfect Tomato Salad, a simple but beautiful way to show off bright grape tomatoes.