What Did You Eat for Lunch Today? Pesto Chicken Sausage and Garden Tomatoes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ll show you our lunch if you tell us yours! What did you eat for lunch today? We took care of those tomatoes we mentioned yesterday

…they were still warm from the sun, a little dusty, and incredibly sweet and tasty. We think that tomato plants should be handed out by the thousand; everyone would just be happier if they could eat tomatoes from their own container garden.

We paired up the tomatoes with a basil pesto smoked chicken and turkey sausage from Trader Joe’s. We pan-seared it a little to get it crispy on both sides. Smoked sausage is a great lunch option; you can eat it cold or heat it up quickly.

What did your lunch look like today? Have a photo? Give us a link!

(Image: Faith Hopler)


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