What Desserts Did You Grow Up With?

What Desserts Did You Grow Up With?

Emma Christensen
Mar 26, 2013

As kids, getting to dessert often felt like the whole point of eating dinner — and its promise was sometimes the only motivation for clearing our plates of peas and carrots. What did dessert look like in your house? Was it a chocolate chip cookie or a scoop of ice cream? Or did you more often have a slice of ripe mango, an icy-cold paleta, or a wedge of banoffee pie? 

I grew up with chunky cookies and brownies — good Midwestern fare that my mother baked from church cookbooks and product flyers. I loved them (except for a brief spell when all the cool kids were eating Chips Ahoy), and I can still remember the nightly drama of opening the Tupperware container to see what treats my mom had made.

Did you grow up with similar baked treats for dessert? Or something else entirely? As I started eating at other people's houses growing up and then travelling abroad later in life, I loved seeing and tasting all the ways that my friends and their families would end a meal. A square of chocolate, a slice of pie, cake from the corner bakery, a plate of cheeses, yogurt with honey and nuts... I could go on forever!

Your turn to share! What was dessert in your house growing up? Is that still what you crave at the end of a meal?

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(Image: Whole Wheat Plum Crumble Pie/Leela Cyd)

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