What Can I Do With Mandarin (Rangpur) Limes?

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Q: I recently moved into a new house and discovered that my lemon tree is also a mandarin lime tree. In fact, there are more limes than lemons.

What can I do with lots and lots of mandarin limes? They taste like very tart mandarin oranges, but are tiny — maybe 1/3 the size of a clementine.

Sent by Aryn

Editor: Aryn, as you probably already know, mandarin limes (also known as Rangpur limes) are not very much like true limes. They are probably a cross between lemons and tangerines, and they are quite tart and acidic, but with a flavor all their own. They’re delicious, and we’d love to try a curd made from their juice! Or perhaps Rangpur gimlet cocktails with gin and lime juice?

Readers, what would you do with mandarin limes?

(Image: Floridata)