What Can I Do With Leftover Pulp From Juicing?

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Q: For Christmas, my boyfriend and I received an awesome Breville Juice Fountain. We have been going juicing crazy with this thing! But the downside of all this juicing is the ridiculous amount of pulp that remains.

I hate to just toss the pulp out and would love some suggestions on how to make use of it. Thanks!

Sent by Shannon

Editor: Shannon, that’s a great question. We had a big discussion about juicing vegetables last week, and this very question came up. Some suggested mixing it into pancakes. We’ve also seen suggestions for adding juicing pulp to quick breads, muffins, and sauces. This cook at Thrifty Fun suggests making crackers with it!

If you can’t think of ways to use it in the kitchen, you can definitely compost it. It would make wonderful compost, along with your other kitchen scraps.

Readers, how else do you use juicing pulp? Do you have specific instructions for using it in any recipes or foods?

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