What Can I Do With Leftover Bread Crusts?

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Q: I made these Vegetable Dumplings last night, and I’m wondering if you have any tips for using all of the leftover bread crusts from this recipe. It is such a lot of wonderful crust to go to waste.

Bread crumbs maybe? Are there other recipes that utilize the crusts but not the insides of a loaf of bread?

Sent by Elise

Editor: Elise, yes, we would recommend making bread crumbs! Just let the bread dry out (you can use the oven, set at about 200°F) and then run it through a chopper or food processor. Here are a couple sets of instructions on how to make bread crumbs:

Making fresh breadcrumbs, where you grind the bread into crumbs without toasting it or drying it out, does require a powerful food processor. Our little chopper doesn’t appreciate this task very much unless the bread is super dry and crumbly.

And then you can use those bread crumbs for anything — breading, topping casseroles, or one of these recipes:

If you don’t have time to make bread crumbs right away, you can also freeze the crusts and make them later.

Readers, any other tips for leftover bread crusts?

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