What Can I Do With Aged Cabernet Vinegar? Good Questions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: On a trip to Napa I picked up a locally made, barrel-aged Cabernet vinegar. It’s delicious — slightly sweet and fruity — but I can’t eat vinegar by the spoonful.

What can I do with this vinegar? Will it work as a marinade? It’s a bit too sweet to pair with olive oil as a salad dressing, and I’m not creative enough to think of any other ways of using it.

Sent by Liz

Editor: Liz, that sounds like a delicious vinegar. We would definitely suggest splashing it on berries and fruit desserts. Also, check out this post for more ideas. Readers, what would you do with a nice aged Cabernet vinegar like this?

(Image: La Tienda)