What Can I Cook Without a Stove or Oven?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ve used the electric kettle to make summer rolls (heating water to cook shrimp and rice noodles), the fondue pot to make a few broth fondues, and the slow cooker ad nauseum (although a lot of my slow cooker recipes involve a stovetop browning component, which has been disappointing to discover). I made waffles for Sunday breakfast, but I don’t want to have waffles for dinner. We’ve also eaten a lot of salad. 

I’m beginning to run out of steam on the creative uses for kitchen electronics. Cooking dinner is a very important part of my daily unwinding, and I’m having difficulty facing an uncertain future of stove-less dinners. Can anyone suggest any recipes or dinner ideas using my limited tools?

Sent by Anne

Editor: This sounds like an episode of MacGyver: Dinner Edition! Readers, what ideas do you have for making a great dinner without a stove or oven?