What Can I Cook With Green Tomatoes?

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Q: At the farmers’ market yesterday I jumped on the first sign of a tomato! The sign simply said, “Green Tomato.” I just cut one open to have with breakfast but discovered that it is on the firm side. Is this just an underripened tomato? I did some searching online and found recipes for fried green tomatoes. Do you have any other suggestions for what to cook with 7 little green tomatoes?

Sent by Alexis

Editor: Ah, the green tomatoes are here — it must be summer! Alexis, one of my favorite green tomato recipes is a super-simple baked chicken dish from Melissa Clark. It’s quick, and one of the best dinners I know how to make:

Also check out these tips and recipes:

And of course there always are those fried green tomatoes:

Readers, what would you suggest?

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