What Can I Cook on a Low-Fat Diet?

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Q: I recently had a medical emergency, which now requires me to follow an extremely low-fat diet (less than 50 grams of fat per day). This means I need to avoid most dairy, oils, nuts and nut products, fatty meats, etc. I’m having a lot of trouble following this diet, since I love butter, cheese, and peanut butter.

I was hoping for tips, tricks, and recipes for any and all meals to help inspire me and get me excited about food again!

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Editor: So often we rely on fat for flavor in the dishes we cook, but with your new dietary protocol look to spices, vinegar, and vibrant herbs to bring big flavor to your food. Since the amount of fat you can eat is limited, make it count! A swipe of peanut butter, a drizzle of olive oil, a few slices of avocado are enough to still make you feel like you’re eating the food you love without compromising your health.

Kitchn readers, do you follow a low-fat diet, or perhaps cook for someone who does? Do you have any tips or favorite recipes to share with Emilie?