What Are Your Winter Projects? How Can We Help?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Winter is a great time to tackle a new cooking project! The blustery weather makes us want to hole up in the kitchen and attempt all sorts of fabulous and complicated concoctions – plus there always seems to be a family member around to act as taste-tester. What projects do you have up your sleeve?

We’ll likely be concentrating on our homebrewed beer experiments. We’d like to try working with grain mashes and adding hops, working our way from brewing kits to actual recipes!

We also have yet to attempt French macarons. Winter is the perfect time to make these since the meringue-like cookies keep well in the dry air. We’ve been gathering recipes for months, so now we just need to set aside a weekend day to make a trial run.

Another goal is to master a good Indian curry. We’d like to try Faith’s basic recipe and accompany it with some homemade naan bread!

What do you dream of making this winter? Anything we can do to help!

(Image: Flickr member combust licensed under Creative Commons)