What Are Your Valentine’s Day Food Plans?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Valentine’s Day is Saturday, hence the descent of chocolate, sprinkles, cupcake confetti and pink whipped marshmallow frosting in great billows over the food blogosphere. Oh yeah, and steak, cheese fondue, and hearts, hearts, hearts. It seems like the same food gets trotted out every year for Valentine’s, and we’re curious why. Hearts are just too easy to make out of all kinds of food (witness the dried figs above) so they are understandable.

But chocolate, steak, and red wine? Are they in your food plans this Saturday? Tell us what you’re planning, what you’re eating, and where you’ll be. (Well, for dinner, anyway.)

When I was single I took the opportunity to indulge myself a little on Valentine’s Day — a bottle of good wine and something delicious and ambitious. I also threw parties: this raucous, kitschy Anti-Valentine party was particulary memorable. If I was throwing a party this year it would be a more genteel afternoon tea with girlfriends and this pink party table.

Being married, I plan on a simple meal with some favorite things to eat, and a reminder to appreciate those we love. Just because it’s rammed down our throats by retail consortiums doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

And frankly, while chocolate and steak are also rammed into our collective consciousness, I think Valentine’s Day should be about whatever you and your loved ones want to eat. So, what are you eating come Saturday night?

(As for us, we are, I admit, craving a good steak.)