Corn On the Cob: What Are Your Favorite Toppings?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When it comes to corn on the cob toppings, it’s hard to go wrong with butter, but we know there are countless other possibilities. What’s your favorite way to eat this summertime favorite? Do you dress it up with spices, cheese, or other condiments?

Growing up, we often ate corn on the cob with a smear of miso or umeboshi paste; it may sound weird but the combination of the sweet corn and salty or tangy toppings is really satisfying. Momofuku’s miso butter would probably be amazing, too.

Pictured above is the street fair favorite, Elote (Roasted Corn), which is served with toppings like mayonnaise, Cotija cheese, chile powder, and lime.

Do you eat corn on the cob with any interesting or unusual toppings? Or are you a purist who shudders at the thought?

(Image: Joanna Miller)