What Are Your Favorite Meals for Late Winter & Early Spring?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Late winter and early spring are a tough time for me, personally. I am weary of wintertime, and while the weather softens, there isn’t anything new to show for it at the market yet. I’ve run through my repertoire of root vegetables and hearty braises, and I’m ready for a change. What do you eat this time of year? What dishes do you enjoy the most in this slow transition from winter to spring?

Personally, I love the two pictured above — both bright, light, and nourishing. I crave spicy food this time of year, so the Hainanese rice is particularly welcome.

Tell us — what are your favorite early spring dishes? What keeps you well-fed and happy this time of year? Give us recipe links, too — we all need some inspiration!

(Images: Faith Durand; Sabra Krock)