Best Recipes for a Knock-Out Chocolate Dessert? Good Questions

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I would like your suggestion for a chocolate recipe. I am entering a chocolate lovers’ contest at our county fair this year and need some inspiration as I develop a chocolate recipe that will hold up, even in 95°F heat.

Something that will blow the judges’ socks, taste-wise, and something that will still look amazing in outdoor heat if it sits a long time. — Sent by Kristine

Editor: Kristine, we’d probably avoid candy and ice cream, and go with some sort of deep dark fudgy cake, a firm torte or pie, or some really great cookies.

Here are a few great chocolate recipes from the site for inspiration or to use as a base in your initial testing. (Of course, any one of these would need some creative flair from you to become a prize-winning dessert.) Then we’ll turn this one directly over to the readers! Do you have any good advice on the best kinds of chocolate desserts for hot weather, or inspiration for something really interesting that Kristine can experiment with?