What Are Your Best Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet?

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It’s that time of year. You know what I’m talking about. We’ve packed away our cookie cutters and rolling pins, and loaded our fridges with leafy greens and yogurt with the noblest of intentions. Or…maybe not! After all, a “healthy diet” means different things to each of us. Regardless of what “healthy” means to you, this is the time of year you’re probably trying to aim that in direction.

What are your best tips for finding and maintaining a style of eating that makes you feel good?

Maintaining a healthy diet is definitely different than the act of dieting. Sometimes dieting is necessary for shedding extra pounds picked up over holidays and vacations, but we’re really more interested in the big picture.

How do we, as people who love food, eat every day? How do we maintain that balance between healthy eating and enjoying all those other not-so-healthy foods we love so much? What little habits can help us along the way?

Here are some discussions that we’ve had on, and around, the subject of diets and healthy eating in the past:

What are your tips for healthy eating and maintaining a healthy diet?