What Are the Essential Kitchen Items for a Wedding Registry?

(Image credit: Emily Han)

As long as I’ve had my own place, I’ve always kept a running list of things I would love to get in the kitchen. Capturing anything from more wooden spoons to Vitamix, it’s an ever evolving record of all those times I think, “Oh if I only had ______!” Lately though, the list is being re-examined and added to rapidly in the form of a post-it pad on my fridge. Why? We’re in the process of putting together a wedding registry.

Cooking is an essential part of our household. Honestly, there’s nothing that makes me happier than to cook and fortunately we also share that passion together. Naturally then, we view our kitchen as a one of the most important rooms and want to outfit it with quality ingredients and tools. Although we are two adult people who certainly aren’t starting a home from scratch, there’s plenty we’d like to upgrade, like those half chipped purple IKEA plates and the cheese grater that keeps breaking.

It seemed exciting at first, but the wedding registry is a strange thing. There’s something awkward about registering for gifts, but if you don’t oblige you’ll surely end up with a house full of things you don’t need (not to mention a sampling of your guests’ taste). It feels permanent, as if you’ll have this stuff forever — a thought further bolstered by my mother saying “Oh, so-and-so gave us that for our wedding.”

Because we live in New York and space is a premium, it’s important to register for only items that we think are essential. That doesn’t always translate to fancy or expensive — one of my big priorities was a new wooden muddler for the bar. What it does mean is that we’re avoiding registering for items that will clutter up the already minimal cabinet space and only get used twice a year. In other words, that mini-donut maker is out!

What do you find to be really essential in the kitchen? If you’ve registered in past, what was useful and what would you do without if you did it again?

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