Best Strategies to Help Picky Eaters Try New Foods?

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Q: My boyfriend is a horribly picky eater, with a “no-eat” list as long as the no-fly list. We’re young and healthy and I always suggest we try to get a little bit more adventurous in the kitchen. But if it has a specialty-market ingredient or a texture other than crunchy, he’s not interested.

The Kitchn’s readers are a wealth of foodie knowledge, so I’d love to know: What tips and tricks do you guys use to get picky eaters to try new things when “add bacon” doesn’t always work?

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Editor: Taryn that is indeed a dilemma. When one partner wants to branch out in eating but the other one doesn’t, it calls for some skillful compromise.

This question has a similar theme, and some good suggestions:

Readers, what’s your advice? Is this something you’ve had experience with?

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