What Are the Best Resources for Low-Sodium Cooking?

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Q: My father went through major heart surgery earlier this year, and while he is recovering well, my mom is having a hard time adapting to cooking for his new dietary needs. He needs to maintain a low-sodium diet for his blood pressure, and he has to avoid leafy greens due to blood-thinner medication.

My mom is a wonderful and instinctive cook, but she now has to rethink a lifetime of kitchen experience to come up with a totally new approach to cooking. Do you know of any reliable resources for healthy, low-sodium recipes … that don’t taste terrible? Thanks so much!

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Editor: I’m sure this is quite a change from how your mom is used to cooking, but with the right tools, she’ll feel comfortable cooking healthy meals that everyone enjoys. In addition to sharing tips on our site, Kitchn contributor Jessica Goldman Foung writes a blog devoted to low-sodium cooking and has also written a cookbook on the topic.

Kitchn readers, do you have any recommendations for low-sodium cooking resources that would be useful to Paige’s family?