What Are the Best Recipes for a Kitchen with No Major Appliances?

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Q: I am voluntarily living with a salad bowl, hot plate burner, an ice cream maker, and a rice cooker. Very simple, hardly deprived, and I’m doing well this way, but would love to hear your favorite recipes that suit this lifestyle. Even your top three would be cool.

If it helps you answer, my “table” is a folding hinge affair that seats four and looks out a full-window view of the garden.

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Editor: While I love a kitchen full of cookware and tools, this is such a nice reminder that we really don’t need very much at all to cook a great meal. I like your turn towards simplicity, and as an ice cream lover, I appreciate the fact that you included an ice cream maker. Here are some tips and recipes I hope you’ll enjoy:

Kitchn readers, do you have any recipe suggestions that Wendy can make with her limited set of tools?