What Are the Best Meals and Snacks to Make for New Parents?

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Q: My best friend is having her first baby in January and I want to meet up with her to cook her some freezer meals and snacks for when baby arrives.

I’ve found a lot of tips recommending easy meals, handheld snacks, and fresh produce, but I want to know what actually works for people. What can I make that has a lot of healthy ingredients (for a nursing mom), but that can be eaten during nap time, or in the car, or that her husband can put in the oven any night?

Sent by Rebekah

Editor: This is a very nice gesture, and one your friend and her husband will truly appreciate. Earlier this year, Cambria shared some advice (from her own experience as a new parent), on meals and snacks that really work for new parents. I think you’ll find this helpful.

Kitchn readers, do you have any advice for Rebekah? In your opinion, what kinds of meals and snacks work well for new parents?