What Are the Best Grab-and-Go Breakfasts? Plus 5 Ideas

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Yesterday we had a question about breakfast recipes that are portable, filling, cheap and nutritious. It seems like this great combination is what everyone is looking for in a breakfast; we’re always rushed on workdays and schooldays, but we still need breakfast, right? Well, let’s take a closer look at the best grab-and-go, ultra-portable breakfasts, since that seems to be what you all are most interested in this week!

Here are five of our favorite grab-and-go breakfasts. These are all things you can make ahead and grab on your way out the door. There’s nothing new in here, but hey, it never hurts to restate the obvious.

1. Granola Bars – We love a granola bar, like these crunchy ones or chewy ones as a quick, pre-made breakfast.

2. Muffins and Scones – Baked goods are of course great for breakfast, and if you pack a muffin with lots of oats, whole grains, raisins, and nuts, they can be very filling, too.

3. Eggy Breakfast Casserole – Like the breakfast casseroles we talked about yesterday, pretty much any casserole is good for breakfast. It’s often delicious cold, and cut up into wrappable, portable squares.

4. Breakfast Sandwich – Make a sandwich the night before with some scrambled eggs or a hardboiled egg, some lettuce and tomato, and whole-grain bread. If you want to be extra-neat, stuff it in a pita pocket. (Here’s a good thread about favorite breakfast sandwiches.)

5. The Bagel – This is sort of similar to the sandwich (since it easily can become one) and the baked goods. But the bagel is in a class of its own when it comes to a quick breakfast; it’s almost synonymous with fast breakfast! Try making your own sometime, too.

Now it’s your turn. Think of this as the ultimate quick breakfast thread. What do you eat for breakfast when you’re on the go?

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