What Are the Best Foods to Prepare Before a Hurricane?

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Q: This is a tough question. I live in the North East where hurricanes are not usually an issue. However, I find myself preparing for one as we speak.

I want to have food ready for meals that I can make requiring no cooking and not opening the fridge/freezer in case we lose power. Any ideas to make the meals as nice as possible?

Sent by Justin

Editor: Justin, well, eating by candlelight always makes a meal a little more special, so you have that going for you, if your power goes out! Joking aside, though, I would recommend focusing on comfort foods. Honestly, if you’re stuck in the house for 48 hours, listening to the wind outside, and with no power to keep you air-conditioned or entertainined, it’s tough to want to eat well. Comfort food is what is wanted, especially food that you can snack on.

Have good breakfast foods around, like muffins and sliced fruit. Bake up a nice cake that you can snack on, and have lots of fresh vegetables on hand, all cut up for munching. Get some hard cheese, smoked meats and other deli foods. You can make a nice lunch or dinner out of these things, along with some good bread. You can also prepare some soup and stash it in a thermos.

Readers, what else would you suggest?

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