What Are the Best Cookies to Give as Mixes in Jars?

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Q: I’m doing a pop-up holiday shop to raise money for an organization called The Alliance for Children Foundation. They care for orphaned and vulnerable kids around the world.

One idea we had was to sell pre-packaged cookie mixes in jars. So, my question is: what kind of cookie?!

I love chocolate chip, and I think that might have the widest appeal, plus the ingredients would look great in a mason jar. My other idea was to do an all chocolate cookie, a sort of homage to the “mud cookie” that people in very poor countries are forced to eat due to lack of food.

In your opinion, what cookies do people like the most? Mostly, I just love cookies.

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Editor: I agree! Chocolate chip or any other chunky cookie would be great as a jar mix. Just be sure to include a note about what liquids need to be added along with the baking temperature and time. I love the mason jar recipe for super chunky Christmas cookies in this round-up on the Food Network:

Sealed & Delivers: Recipes in Jars from The Food Network

Readers, what recipes do you suggest? Any advice for the best way to package cookie kits?