What Are Some Ways to Enjoy Fruit During the Winter?

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Q: I’m not a big fan of fruit, but I’ve been trying to improve my diet and have gotten used to berries and yogurt for breakfast. Unfortunately, winter is coming, and I don’t have a good fruit solution. I’d rather not spend a fortune for the sad berries you can get this time of year, but I don’t love the taste of raw fruit by itself.

It’s much better cooked or with yogurt or cream. Any suggestions for preparing apples or pears or other winter fruit for a healthy breakfast or snack? Other than just eating apple pie all winter? 🙂

Sent by Manuela

Editor: Manuela, I make a lot of applesauce throughout the winter — it’s really easy to make as much or as little as you like. (I like it with yogurt or mixed into oatmeal.) And you can stew fresh or dried fruit and use it as a topping for yogurt. Here are a few recipes from our archives:

Readers, do you have any ideas or recipes for healthy, cooked fruit to enjoy during the colder months?