What Are Some Unexpected Flavor Combinations I Can Brown and Braise With?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Q: “Brown and braise” is my favorite style of cooking, so I was delighted to try your recipe for chicken thighs with pepper and onions. Deglazing with vinegar was a revelation — I usually deglaze with wine, which is boring compared to vinegar. I also liked the mustard.

I want to hear from readers about other interesting or surprising things they do with brown and braise recipes. Suggestions for deglazing liquids? Unexpected vegetables to add after browning and removing the meat? Liquids other than broths to add for the braising? Other unusual flavor boosters? Lemon juice or preserved lemon, olives, and capers are my standbys.

What I really want to learn from readers are some unexpected COMBINATIONS of deglazing liquid, vegetables, braising liquid, and flavor additions that work. Not recipes, just ingredient lists for those of us familiar with the technique. Thank you!

Sent by Sara

Editor: Readers, what unusual combinations have you come up with when you’re browning and braising meats?