What Are Some Packable Meals That Don’t Need Refrigeration?

published Oct 8, 2015
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Q: I’m going to be staying at a fancy resort for a weekend wedding. I’m already dropping big bucks on the location, and I want to minimize my food costs wherever I can. Dinners will be included in the experience, but breakfasts and lunches will not.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll have access to any sort of refrigeration, other than bringing a small cooler in my car. What are some good foods to prep ahead of time that won’t spoil if they’re out at room temperature and will help keep me from having to enter the expensive restaurant?

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Editor: Not having access to even a small refrigerator certainly makes this tough, although not impossible. In addition to packing fresh fruit, veggies, and nuts, here are a few breakfast and lunch items to consider packing.

The resort should offer access to an ice machine, so you can also consider packing things like yogurt, hummus, dip, and cheese in your cooler. Just be sure to drain the water and replenish the ice at least daily.

Kitchn readers, do you have any suggestions for Gwyn on breakfast and lunch foods she can pack, that don’t need to be refrigerated?