What Are Some Options for Baking Outdoors?

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Q: How can I bake in the summer without cooking my family? I live in Houston, and it’s oppressive to turn on the oven in the summer.

I have a patio and a Weber grill, which I love for the amazing flavor it gives a steak or pizza, but a peach pie or a birthday cake doesn’t benefit from the uneven heat and smoke flavor that you get with a charcoal grill.

Is there a good option for outdoor baking that won’t heat up the kitchen? I’ve seen some camp stoves available online, but they look small and appear to reach only about 400 degrees. They also look like they might not be very even heat sources.

Are there any good outdoor ovens out there? Or is there another solution that would solve the underlying overheating-the-kitchen problem?

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Editor: Readers in hot climates, do you have any recommendations for outdoor ovens or outdoor baking options? We also do recommend this method for making no-knead bread on the grill: