What Are Some of the Best Substitutes for Alcohol in Cooking?

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Q: So many recipes call for the addition of alcohol, be it wine or liquor. Is there something that can be used instead of this? We do not have alcohol in our home, but would like to try some of these recipes if there is an alternative.

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Editor: Don’t discount these recipes you want to try, as there are definitely alternatives for wine and liquor in recipes. Alcohol can play a number of different functions in a recipe: Sometimes it’s incorporated to add acidity, sugar, depth of flavor, or brightness to a dish, and other times its purpose is to provide moisture, tenderize meat, or to deglaze a pan. Knowing, or even taking a guess, is helpful in choosing a good substitute. This post includes good ideas for wine alternatives that I think will be helpful:

Kitchn readers, what are your go-to non-alcoholic substitutes when a recipe calls for wine or liquor?