Ideas for Meals That Hit the Trifecta: Make-Ahead, Budget-Friendly & Healthy?

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Q: How can I eat healthy, affordable lunches and dinners on the go? I am a single young professional and I’ve recently discovered I can’t eat like I use to in college. My dilemma is that if I haven’t had ample time to plan, I end up eating fast food and/or spending more money that I should on food. I’ve had enough of the same old stand-by casseroles that reheat well.

I work two jobs — my full time 8-5 along with a part-time bartending job at our regional theatre in town. Our plays run for three to four weeks at a time, of which I work three evenings a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays).

Are there any suggestions you all can give me for lunches AND dinners (in the same day!) that are interesting, easy to make, and not boring? I only have access to a microwave at both jobs, though there is the potential for usage of a stove at my part-time job. I don’t want to totally ruin my budget and exercise progress on these nights!

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Editor: Take a look at these posts for some inspiration:

Readers, let’s help Carrie make a list of great recipes! What are your favorite make-ahead, budget-friendly, and healthy recipes?