What Are Some Low-Fiber But Still Healthy Foods?

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Q: I’m currently on a restrictive diet for Crohn’s where I need to eat low-fiber foods, no raw veggies, and nothing that would be considered ‘gassy’ (which I’ve been told includes onions and garlic). I’m having trouble coming up with meal ideas that are still healthy.

It seems like my diet is the anti-healthy; every product out there boasts of high fiber or whole grains. I miss my salads, beans, nuts, and broccoli! Also, I used to be all about spicy foods, but for now, I need to avoid that as well. Any suggestions to change up my often starchy, pale plate?

Sent by Brittany

Editor: Brittany, that’s quite a challenge! You could try cooking with fresh fruit and vegetable juices — which have much of the fiber removed in the juicing process — to add a little color and flavor to sauces and dressings.

Readers, do you have any ideas for low-fiber meals that are healthy?

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