What Are Some Heart-Healthy and Make-Ahead Meals?

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Q: I just found out that I’ll need to have an open heart surgery in the near future. I’d love some heart healthy recipes that I could make ahead and freeze.

The last time that I was recovering from a hospital visit my poor husband was so busy trying to take care of everything that all we ate was fast food, not the greatest stuff for a cardiac patient, even a young one. Any tips/suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated. So far, all I have on my list is chili and soup.

Sent by Evelyn

Editor: Evelyn, we wish you best of luck with your surgery! As far as meals go, what about freezing a few batches of home-cooked beans and rice? These can form high-fiber, tasty bases for meals. You can top them with quick blends of chopped vegetables or bagged arugula. We also really like this stew:

Readers, what sorts of healthy meals freeze well for you?

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