What Are Some Healthy Treats for Trick or Treaters? Good Questions

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Q: For Halloween, I want to be able to offer some treats but can’t justify giving out unhealthy junk food to our youth. At the same time, some parents are also cautious about letting their kids eat homemade treats that they don’t recognize.

Can you recommend any healthy Halloween options from organic or health food producers that kids would still like?

Sent by Monica

Editor: Monica, our inner 9-year-old tempts us to say, hey — it’s Halloween! Let it be, and make some neighborhood friends by being the one who gives out full-size candy bars.

But on the other hand we do agree about junk food. We think that you can flow with the spirit of the holiday (and trust the kids’ parents to filter out what’s not good for them) by finding some good sweets that will still be welcomed in the treat bags. What about organic, yogurt-covered pretzels? Those are easy to find at Whole Foods or in bulk sections, and they are really delicious without being “too healthy.”

One other thought is to give out juice boxes (100% juice only) or small bottles of water, along with a treat. Trick or treating is thirsty work, especially if it’s still a little warm where you are, and it’s definitely healthy to stay hydrated on the quest for candy.

Readers, what are you giving out for trick or treaters this year, and do you have any thoughts for Monica?

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