What Are Some Healthy Dishes To Cook With My Toddler?

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Q: I’m looking for some advice. My two-year-old-daughter loves to bake, and wakes up every morning asking, “What we bake today mommy?” It’s great, but cookies, muffins and brownies on a daily basis is not a diet I’m comfortable with for her or me.

Any suggestions on healthy baking? We’ve tried replacing white flour with whole wheat in many recipes, with mixed results — I’m more interested in other ways to either make recipes healthier or other categories of healthy dishes I can make with her, without a ton of special equipment.

Sent by Melissa

Editor: Melissa, how fun that your daughter wants to be in the kitchen with you! But yes, perhaps it is time to move on to other kitchen projects besides making cookies and brownies. One project that kids love to help with is pasta:

You don’t even need a pasta roller; you can roll and cut the dough yourself for thick hand-cut noodles. (Yum!)

That’s just one idea, though. Readers, what are some good fun ways to bring a toddler along in the kitchen?