What Are Some Great Recipes That Feature Grapefruit?

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Q: A friend of mine put together a cooking club last fall. We meet once per month at a different person’s apartment each time. The host picks a key ingredient and everyone needs to base their dish around that ingredient. Past themes have been winter squash, apples, beets and beer.

The ingredient for May is citrus. I want to do something fun with grapefruit as that seems an often neglected fruit once you go beyond salads. I was hoping you or some fellow readers might be able to share some great recipes featuring grapefruit.

Sent by Devon

Editor: Devon, we love the flavor of grapefruit too. Its slight bitter edge and sweet tartness are such a refreshing combination. Here are a few directions you could go.

Readers, what are your favorite (non-salad) grapefruit recipes?

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