What Are Some Great No-Prep, No-Fuss Slow Cooker Recipes?

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Q: I recently became the proud and lazy owner of a slow cooker, intended for use on days when I’m really strapped for time. After fruitless Googling I discovered that many slow cooker recipes still require the dirtying of multiple pots due to sautéing onions, browning meat, etc. Do you know of any slow cooker recipes that involve little (or no!) prep work?

I’m hoping that my dream of dumping ingredients into the slow cooker and plugging it in was not just a fantasy. I’m happy to cook vegetarian if it means one less pot to clean!

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Editor: Soups and stews are often good candidates for “dump it and forget it”-style recipes!

Readers, do any of you have fantastic no-prep, no-fuss slow cooker recipes?

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