What Are Some Vegetarian Recipes That Freeze Well?

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Q: My partner recently left the country for the semester, bringing our two-person household down to one. I am not accustomed to only cooking for one, and I would like to make a few meals on the weekends that I can eat throughout the week or freeze. Any good vegetarian suggestions?

Sent by Joanna

Editor: Cooking for one is challenging even when you’ve been doing it for a while, but especially so when you’re not used to it. I have two recommendations:

First, and as you mentioned, look for recipes that hold up well as leftovers and recipes that freeze well. Unfortunately, not many recipes are developed with a single serving in mind. But look for recipes that are easy to scale down; that way you’re not inundated with leftovers from a recipe that is meant to serve a lot of people. Here are a few tips and recipes I hope you find helpful.

Kitchn readers, do you have any favorite vegetarian recipes that are suitable for someone cooking for one?