What Are Some Good Strategies for Dealing with My Messy Roommates?

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Q: I live in a college dorm with a kitchen that I share with five others. Many of my dorm mates don’t clean up after themselves — they fill the common fridge with stuff and then don’t clean it out, leave wrappers all over the counters, and let spills go into drawers. How would you suggest I communicate with them?

I would like a shelf of my own plus one condiment area (for lack of a better term) in the fridge, plus some freezer space for myself. My dorm mates and I are never in the room all at once and anything more than a light demand makes them dismiss the issue (there have been other non-kitchen issues in the past). Any ideas?

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Editor: We’ve all been there! Working with roommates and dorm mates who don’t necessarily all want to work together can be challenging to say the least. Do you have a hall advisor or anyone who might be able to help you mediate the situation?

Readers, what are your best strategies for dealing with messy roommates?