How Should I Cook for a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Guest?

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Q: A friend who will be joining my family for Thanksgiving is on a gluten-free diet. How can I accommodate him? I’ll need to change the stuffing, pie crust, etc, I imagine.

Sent by Elizabeth

Editor: Elizabeth, it would be best to talk to your friend and see how severe his gluten intolerance is. If he has celiac disease, then even very small trace amounts of gluten could give him problems and so it would perhaps be best to purchase a gluten-free dessert and stuffing, and then feed him turkey (be very careful that any rubs or marinades are gluten-free and prepared in a gluten-free environment) as well as salad and potatoes.

If he is not as extremely intolerant and simply needs to avoid major sources of gluten, then you could attempt a gluten-free dressing — see this post for some bread ideas:

But be aware that cooking for a gluten-free guest does involve quite a bit more than simply avoiding flour and bread.

Readers, do you have any advice for Elizabeth?

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