What Are Some Filling, Healthy Meals I Can Pack for My Hungry Husband?

published Mar 12, 2014
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Q: My husband has a very active metabolism. He eats all the time and cranks through food while he works 12 hours a day. This obviously has taken a toll on our food budget and he ends up turning to fast food for a quick fix. He can only carry so much and meals that must stay cold aren’t an option because he is on the road.

What are some healthy meals I can make that will help keep him fed and satisfied all day long?

Sent by Christina

Editor: Christina, you could try making a hearty pasta or grain salad and adding some extra protein (such as hard-boiled eggs, beans or grilled chicken) for a satisfying meal that can be eaten at room temperature. Here are a few ideas:

Readers, do you have any ideas for filling, healthy meals on the go?