What Are Some Classy Make-Ahead Dishes for My Pop-Up Birthday Dinner?

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Q: I’m celebrating my birthday this year at Popup Dinner LA. I’ve invited about 10 people and we are responsible for bringing our own table settings, decorations, and meal. I’m really excited but I don’t know what to make for the dinner. I want it to be a classy affair for my birthday. Ideas?

Sent by Rachael

Editor: What a fun idea for your birthday! Here’s a little more info on the event from Rachael:

We won’t find the location of the dinner until 3pm that day. We will show up and they will have tables and chairs set up for us, but we bring everything else. I believe they’re selling 4000 tickets and everyone has to wear all white. I’d like to do all of the cooking but I’m not sure what to make or what to tell people to bring. I don’t want to end up with a bunch of pasta salads or cheese plates so I’d like to be specific if people are going to be bringing something!

Here’s the website for the event: PopUp Dinner LA

Readers, what ideas do you have?