What Are Some Cheap, Nutritious Meals That I Can Make in Russia?

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Q: I’m an American student currently studying in St. Petersburg, Russia. Because I’m not living with a host family, I’ve been cooking for myself, but so far I’ve been finding it difficult to make cheap, nutritious meals.

Many of the ingredients I use in the U.S. either aren’t available here, or they are expensive and only sold in specialty groceries. I’m on a very tight budget. My apartment also does not have a microwave, so that rules out some options. How can I eat well without emptying my bank account?

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Editor: It might help to think about versatile dishes than can have varied ingredients depending on what’s available in your stores and your budget. Grain salads, soups, and pastas can all be made with just a few cheap pantry staples, and with the addition of a little fresh produce and protein, make delicious, inexpensive meals!

Readers, what kinds of recipes would you recommend?