What Are Some Alternative to Cheese For Topping Pizza?

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Q: Pizza is on the weekly rotation at our house. We generally enjoy them with plenty of good sauce and plenty of cheese.

Now, though, I’ve become somewhat lactose intolerant and mozzarella seems especially intolerable. Although I can take a lactase supplement, I thought maybe I could also branch out in my pizza toppings. What do readers put on top of their pizzas when they don’t use cheese?

Sent by Heather

Editor: Heather, first off, take a look at this post on lactose intolerance and cheese. Most cheeses actually contain very little lactose, so you may be dealing with something else (like a milk allergy). But fresh mozzarella — especially one that has been processed a little more with some extra additives — may indeed have enough lactose to trouble you.

So, having said that, our first suggestion would be to use a much harder cheese with little to no lactose involved, like an aged Parmesan or Gruyere.

Readers, do you have more suggestions for Heather’s lactose/pizza dilemma?

(Image: Faith Durand from this post)