What Are Good Recipes for Foods Rich in Iron?

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Q: I was just diagnosed with anemia, and I’ve been tasked with getting a lot more iron into my diet. I’m wondering if Kitchn readers have yummy iron-packed recipes to share.

Fortunately, I totally dig red meat — I just don’t cook it that often, because I’m more familiar with poultry, pasta, and veggies. Offal sounds great in theory, but I haven’t the faintest idea what to do with it. Any suggestions? Spinach salad is getting old.

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Editor: First off, for reference, here’s a guide to iron-rich foods from The Ohio State University Medical Center:

Foods High in Iron at OSU Medical Center

To sum up: Most meats and shellfish, egg yolks, dried beans, green leafy vegetables, and dried fruits are high in iron. Also, enriched wheat products have extra iron in them. Also, your body, according to the article, will absorb iron from meat better than iron from vegetables, and you should try to also eat a lot of citrus, so the Vitamin C can help you absorb the iron.

We think this sounds like a pretty good set of foods — you don’t have to eat steak every night! Although, if you do want to eat steak, a good pasture-raised steak is an extremely fast and easy meal; try this method of cooking it in the oven. You could also start eating an egg for breakfast every morning, along with a slice of whole-grain toast. We love poached eggs — they are quick, easy, and non-greasy. For one other easy supper, what about a batch of herbed lentils, maybe with a little bacon or pancetta added, alongside a big mess of sauteed dark leafy greens and garlic?

Readers, do you have any high-iron suggestions for Jonelle?

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