What Are Good Recipes for a Liquid, Choke-Proof Diet?

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Q: My husband has been having some scary issues with choking, and so for the time being has been put on a strict non-solid-foods-only diet (basically, nothing that requires being chewed).

Naturally I’m grateful to have a solution that’s working, but, as you can imagine, am quickly running out of foods to make! We’ve done the obvious — smoothies, Cream of Wheat, veggies steamed and pureed, and pureed soups — but I’ve cycled through all the interesting options I can think of.

What else can I make that’s safe for him to eat? He’ll eat pretty much anything. The only criterion is it has to be choke-proof. (Perhaps this is good practice for when we have babies — I imagine little ones’ eating habits might look somewhat similar!)

Sent by Kelly

Editor: Kelly, wow, that does sound like a challenge. It is indeed like having a small child at the table, except your husband probably has much more grown-up tastes than a toddler!

Our thoughts and suggestions run mainly towards the things you’ve already tried (here are all our soups from 2009) but we also wonder about adding some rice. Can he eat small amounts of rice, or perhaps jook, rice soup?

Readers, do you have suggestions for Kelly?

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