What Are Good Non-Tofu Vegetarian Recipes for the Holidays?

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Q: I am a vegetarian who lives in France and am going back home for the holidays with my French husband and three French friends. I have a bit of a quandary, as my dad refuses to allow anyone to help him in the kitchen or really even allow anyone in it, but also doesn’t really “get” vegetarianism…

…(despite the fact that I’ve been vegetarian now for 10+ years).

He is huge into cooking but doesn’t believe in making vegetarian versions of meat dishes (ie: refuses to even taste it if I make a veggie burger, for example). So veggie burgers, tofu, any vegetarian facsimiles of anything is out.

I would make meals for my husband (who is also vegetarian) and myself, but my dad is extremely territorial about his kitchen and doesn’t like anyone but him cooking in it. However! He’s asked me for help menu planning while we’ll be home, and unless I come up with some fun vegetarian recipes that follow this (and fast!), I’m going to be stuck eating a potato and salad every night for 2+ weeks. I don’t know what to suggest because I feel like all the recipes I make, he would find unacceptable for the reasons stated above.

Thank you in advance for helping me from become super cranky during the holidays because everyone will be eating awesome meals while I try not to be resentful about feeling like a complete afterthought despite having traveled thousands of miles to visit my family.

Sent by Julia

Editor: Pasta and noodle dishes and soups are the first things that come to my mind that can easily be vegetarian and aren’t necessarily vegetarian facsimiles of meat dishes. Here are some recipes that we hope fit the bill:

Readers, what good vegetarian recipes would you recommend?